Super Cool X-Men Fan-Film 'Cable' Released Online

Hardcore X-Men fans have been craving for years to see an official version of the beloved character Nathan Summers a.k.a Cable on the big-screen. Supposedly we'll finally see him in Ryan Reynolds Deadpool sequel in 2018. Hopefully......

While we patiently await that beautiful day, we can enjoy this really well-made X-Men fan film Cable: Chronicles of Hope. The short film was recently released by the good folks over at K & K Productions, which feature the character along with some other mutants.

Check out the super cool fan-film below. As always, thanks for stopping by ECMOVIEGUYS!

Here's the official Synopsis below:

"A short film based on the badass mutant soldier from the future, Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable. The film features some of your favorite X-Men characters including: Cable, Bishop, Hope Summers, and a really high-intensity take on Nightcrawler!”

Also check out this great behind-the-scenes feature of the fan-film.

SOURCE: Youtube