Badass Art From Around The Web!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Welcome everyone to the year 2016 here at EastCoastMovieGuys! Starting every week, we will be bringing you our new special "Badass Art From Around The Web!" courtesy of the good people over and and the amazing artist who create these beautiful and badass works of art. Every week we will be showcasing our favorite badass art. If you would like to submit some of your "badass" art work to this new column, just send it to us along with your name with the subject "badass art".

Batman by Korotitskiy Igor

Better Call Saul by Isabella Morawetz 

E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial by Andy Fairhurst 

 Furiosa by Nesskain 

James Bond by Joe Jusko 

The Little Mermaid by Karl Liversidge 

Sailor Moon by Stanley Lau 

Scar by Katy Lipscomb 

The Thing by Ruben Martinez