'Mad Max: Fury Road' George Miller Says Black & White Version Is Coming

By Aric Sweeny

In 2015, we had the triumphant return of the “Mad Max” franchise with the spectacular “Mad Max: Fury Road”. The film was directed by George Miller, and starred Charlize Theron as Furiosa  Tom Hardy as the legendary Max. Many fans have been wondering about seeing a black and white version of the film, and Miller had this to say about possibly seeing that cut of the movie:

“Not in cinemas. The best version of Road Warrior was what we called a ‘slash dupe’, a cheap, black-and-white version of the movie for the composer. Something about it seemed more authentic and elemental. So I asked Eric Whipp, the [Fury Road] colorist, ‘Can I see some scenes in black and white with quite a bit of contrast?’ They looked great. So I said to the guys at Warner, ‘Can we put a black-and-white version on the DVD?’ There wasn’t enough room. [It’ll end up] on another version with commentary and other features”

Well, there you have it, folks; expect to see a black and white version of “Fury Road” sometime in the future.