The 'Justice League Vs. Teen Titans' Official Trailer Has Arrived


By Matt O'Bryant 

Yesterday we got the first sneak peak at the new DC Animated film Justice League vs. Teen Titans. Well earlier today the good people over at IGN, finally gave us what we've all been waiting for! The full trailer is here and its badass, The new film is set in the current DC Animated film continuity, started by Justice League: WAR and following the most recent DC film Batman Vs Robin. Sound off in the comments below and let us know how excited you are for this new chapter.


The film's story follows Robin after he is sent by Batman to work with the Teen Titans after his behavior causes the Justice League the fail a mission. While working with the Titans, Robin must lead the team to fight against the Justice League after their enemy Trigon possess them in an attempt to conquer the world.

Check out the full trailer below: 

 Justice League vs. Teen Titans hits Bluray and VOD this Spring.