Lucasfilm Confirms New 'Indiana Jones' Film On The Way!


By Matt O'Bryant

What's up guys,  

Everyone knew at some point we would be getting a new Indiana Jones film.  It was just a matter of when?  Now today we kind of got confirmation that Disney and Lucasfilm are talking about developing a new film, but besides that there isn't really much else, and considering all the work Lucasfilm is putting into their Star Wars property right now it really isn't a surprise. The studio not only has the Star Wars main trilogy to worry about, but also the spin-offs, tv shows, and comics just to name a few.  It's safe to to say we will get Indy back one day, just not anytime soon.  

Here is an excerpt from Vanity Fair's Bruce Handy talking regarding head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy and Indiana Jones:

"In buying the company, Disney also got rights, for better or worse, to less-storied Lucasfilm properties, among them Willow and Radioland Murders. A bigger prize is the Indiana Jones franchise. Kennedy confirmed rumors that another Indy movie “will one day be made inside this company. When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it.” 

So as it stand now Lucasfilm is pondering, maybe talking a little bit about INDY, but it's definitely gonna be awhile for we see a new film.

I can only hope they put as much effort into a new Indiana Jones film as they have been putting into Star Wars.  If they do we are in for a real treat whenever it gets time for that reboot!

While we wait enjoy this classic scene with Indy taking on the swordsman: