Box Office: 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Destroys Competition, Tops $875 Million Worldwide!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekend box office report,

Avengers: Age of Ultron took the number one spot for the second weekend in a row with an estimated $77.2 million.  Giving it the second largest second weekend gross of all-time only behind its predecessor The Avengers which had an astonishing $103.2 million second weekend back in 2012.  The film in just 10 days has now grossed an amazing $312.86 million domestically which is now the third largest ten-day start ever behind only The Avengers and The Dark Knight.  Age of Ultron has now made an incredible $562.4 million overseas bringing the film's worldwide total to over $875 million, and the film has yet to even open in two of the world's biggest markets China and Japan.  Expect huge numbers to start coming in next week when the film opens in China.

Even though these numbers for Avengers: Age of Ultron fall short of its predecessor The Avengers no one should be shedding any tears for Disney's Marvel Studios.  The film is still a monster at the box office and will go down in history as one of the top 5 or 10 biggest money-makers ever.  

There are many factors that are contributing to the film not performing as well as the The Avengers did back in 2012.  The first Avengers film was the first of its kind, no film in history had ever put together such a huge cast of superheroes in one film and had it work so well!  It was an amazing cinematic achievement by director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studio, which they were rewarding heavily for it!  

Now this time around you have some interesting things that happened, last week on the opening weekend of the film you had many new factors detracting from the overall opening weekend box office.  To start with the film was competing against three very big sports events all happening within 10 hours of each other on Saturday, there was the Kentucky Derby, NBA playoffs, and what some people at the time were calling the last great boxing match of all time in Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao (we now know better).  Having these three huge events on the same weekend really did affect people's decisions on whether or not to stay home with family and friends or get out to the theaters.

Finally we come down to what I believe is the biggest reason for the sequel under performing its predecessor and that's  just the simple fact that its just not being as well received!  According to Rotten Tomatoes Avenger: Age of Ultron has only a 74% approval rating, compared to the original The Avengers' 92% approval rating!  Word of mouth is key in situations like this and sure, you will get the hardcore fans going to see the film no matter what which is why it already has the numbers it has!  But without that insanely strong world of up mouth, you don't get the repeat viewings, you don't get the other demographics that weren't going to see the film already.  With the first Avengers you had such high praise for the film, you had people who never go to see movies going to the theaters.  It was something special to behold, to be part of, it was an event!

 According to Forbes "Avengers: Age of Ultron is now playing like a normal somewhat front-loaded summer blockbuster, as opposed to a zeitgeist-catching phenom".

Coming in a distant second place this weekend was the Reese Witherspoon comedy Hot Pursuit debuting with an estimated $13.3 million which was not what the studios wanted, but was very much expected considering how bad the film looked!  Coming in third place this weekend was The Age of Adaline bringing in another estimated $5.6 million to its overall domestic gross of $31.5 million in 17 days, which isn't bad for Blake Lively's first major starring vehicle.

Rounding out the top five this weekend was Furious 7 bringing in another estimated $5.2 million adding to its massive domestic total of $338.4 million.  Finally in fifth place is the Kevin James' crapfest Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2  which somehow is still making money, bringing in another estimated $5.2 million adding to its overall domestic take of $58.07 million.

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