First Look At Johnny Depp As Whitey Bulger In Upcoming 'Black Mass'

By Matt O'Bryant

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Entertainment Weekly earlier today gave us our first look at Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger in the upcoming film Black Mass.

Now over the past few years everyone has been getting that so called Johnny Depp fatigue, mostly because his film choices.  Now there have been a few exceptions, but mostly he has just been playing the same type of character over and over again.  From Pirates of the caribbean, Alice in wonderland, Dark Shadows, Charlie and the chocolate factory, etc.  Plus all of these movies have been complete garbage, except for the first Pirates film that one was surprisingly awesome.  Depp seems to be doing his same goofy crazy schtick for all of these characters over and over again.  Oh yea and lets not forget about the dreadful big budget flop The Lone Ranger when he was cast as the native american character Tonto.  What the hell were they thinking.

Now lets forget about all those movies for a second and get back to the great Johnny Depp in Gilbert Grape, Fear and loathing, Ed wood, Nick of Time, Donnie Brasco, Blow, Finding Neverland, Public enemies, Once upon a time in Mexico. etc.  You see where i'm going here right?  This guy has and always will be a great actor, the audiences out there just hasn't seen that Depp in a very long time.  

But it looks like the smoke is clearing and Johnny is finally coming back with with some serious stuff.

Check out the first official image of Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger below:

The director Scott Cooper has done some quality work over the past few years with critically acclaimed films Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace.  Jeff Bridges an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in Crazy Heart.

In an interview with EW Scott Cooper had some cool stuff to say about Depp playing Bulger:

Depp may not seem the obvious choice for the role of the blue-eyed, fair-haired Bulger, but once he was in character, the effect was palpable. A lot of people on set knew Whitey Bulger intimately, they got chills at the resemblance. Some of them couldn’t even look at him.
Depp is a truly gifted actor.
— Scott Cooper


Black Mass tells the story of Whitey Bulger one of the most feared gangsters in Boston's history and brother of a state senator, turned into an FBI informant and helped take down the Italian Mafia.

Director: Scott Cooper

Black Mass hits theaters on September 18th, 2015

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

Image credit: Claire Folger