Is Pixar's Run Of Greatness Over?

By Aric Sweeny

Welcome back everyone,

Ever since the release of “Toy Story” in 1995, Pixar has been the premier name in animated films. Their greatness spanned over 11 films in 15 years. No other studio even came close to producing the quality that Pixar did. Then, after one of the best animated movies of all time, (Toy Story 3) “Cars 2” came out. This trainwreck of a film (or ‘car wreck’, for the sake of the joke) started what seems to be the downfall of Pixar. Is their run of greatness over?

The last 3 pixar films have all been…. mediocre, at best. While I personally wasn’t too fond of “Cars 2” and “Brave”, “Monsters University” was a pleasant surprise, though it wasn’t even close to the first. Though these films were all not too bad, it was such a surprise from the greatness that is Pixar. 

 It seems as though Pixar is going to suffer from the case of what I like to call ‘sequel-itis’. You’ve probably heard some form of this term before. It is when a film company has no original ideas and relies on sequels of already established franchises to produce revenue. While they do have “Inside Out” releasing this summer and “The Good Dinosaur” in November, they also have 4 sequels coming out in the future: “Finding Dory”, “The Incredibles 2”, “Toy Story 4”and “Cars 3”. This gives you a good example of the milking that they are doing to their popular franchises. While yes, “The Incredibles” does deserve a sequel, “Toy Story 3” had a perfect ending.

The summer of 2014 was the first since 2005 that Pixar didn’t release a feature film. “The Good Dinosaur” was supposed to be released then, but had a lot of drama behind the scenes. The original director left the project halfway through, and the film was then totally redone. Something that had rarely happened, if at all, to Pixar in the past.

The reason for the concern is clear enough. While I remain hopeful that Pixar will regain its ‘magic’ once again, the future of sequels is not one to argue the case.

Agree with me? Leave a comment down below! Do you think Pixar’s run of greatness is over?

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