'Metal Gear Solid' Is The Movie Finally Happening?!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone and welcome back,

After years and years of rumors and speculation on when, how, and should Sony turn one of the greatest, most prolific, and influential Video Game series of all time, Metal Gear Solid into a big-screen film it appears we might have our answer.

Sony Pictures has apparently hired Jay Basu to start the first draft of the Metal Gear Solid big screen adaptation.  Jay Basu credits are sparse but he did gain a lot of attention with some badass screenplay who wrote for The Pier, although that screenplay mentioned was never produced it was so good that Universal Pictures hired him on to help work on all of the upcoming "shared monster universe" films.  This is the first stage in a very long process, so we will follow this story closely over the next couple of years and the development of the Metal Gear Solid Film struggles on.

Metal Gear Solid is my favorite video game franchise of all time, and I was at one time always on the bandwagon of wanting these games turned into some badass movies.  But now as I've gotten older and had more time to think about it and play the games over and over again, i'm just not sure it will do the game any justice, or if its even worth trying.  

The Metal Gear Solid series mostly follows the adventures of Snake over the course of about 50 or more years and is still continuing, imagine a character a  la ----------------

badass supersoldier/dirtyharry/snakeplissken/jason bourne/bond/ all mixed together to just make the most overall cool badass ever!  Who works for a secret military agency that fights terrorist organizations.  Now that is the most broad description of the story that I could possibly give, because to explain the story would be to ruin a lot of the great secrets and story-lines within the franchise for those who still haven't played the games, just Snake's character is filled with tons and tons of secrets that are discovered throughout the games not to mention everything else going on and there is a lot going on.

Back to my point earlier, do I believe it can be turned into a movie?  The major problem is that the story in the games is already the best damn movie they could make, the story told throughout these games is already one the greatest cinematic movie experiences ever, and is actually better than most Hollywood blockbuster garbage.  If you have ever seen a Metal Gear Solid cut scene than you know exactly what i'm talking about.

Also who in the hell would be able to pull of Snake?  Christian Bale was rumored years ago?

So what does everyone think?  Should or Could they turn Metal Gear Solid into a Movie Franchise?  

Who would be Cast As Snake?

Leave you thoughts below in the comments section!

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