Why 'Unfriended' is the most original horror movie concept in years!


By Aric Sweeny,


Horror is one of the most interesting and intriguing genres in cinema. When done right, they are some of the best movies out there. When done wrong, however, it isn’t pretty. Lately, there really hasn't  been an original, good horror movie (With exception to The Babadook, of course) but Unfriended looks to change the game.

 Unfriended is about a group of teenagers who become victim to an unknown spiritual presence that wants revenge for a video that caused a classmate to kill herself one year before. Now this seems pretty generic, right? Think again. This movie is viewed solely through Skype video chat. The movie industry has never seen this done before.

This movie reflects our technology-driven society, which makes it very relatable. The "film through Skype" feature is just one of the many unique ideas that new technology can bring to film, and hopefully it will be a hit.

I personally think this movie is going to be one of the sleeper hits of 2015, and will probably make my top 10 of the year list. 

 Does the concept for “Unfriended” interest you? How do you think this movie will do? Comment down below!

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