Speculation/Theory: 'Frozen 2: Ice Cold Return'

Speculation/Theory: Frozen 2
“Ice Cold Return”

By Jake Buchanan


    The sensation of Frozen that took over the globe in 2013 is finally getting its sequel which will be announced sometime in the near future, but what will happen this time around as the royals of Arendelle make their return to the big screen.

    Recently on the ABC television show Once Upon a Time the Frozen characters were heavily featured as part of the first half of the season but the question is will their appearances on the show be candid? For example on the television show they showcased a storyline that had the Snow Queen be their aunt who had the same powers as Elsa, but instead used them for evil and began luring Elsa to her side taking her away from Anna. Elsa and Anna facing off against a new evil that has the same powers as Elsa would be truly interesting to see if Disney decided to take the Frozen franchise into somewhat of a darker tone but keep that brilliant lovable vibe to it.

    If Disney decides not to go into the Snow Queen mythology in the upcoming sequel then the other route they’ll most likely take is the return of Hans with his brothers, and this will lead Arendelle to all out war for their freedom against these foreign intruders. Not to mention Hans could develop an alliance with the Duke of Weasel town forming an even bigger army to truly build huge odds to overcome for our heroes throughout the movie, and not to mention the team of villains could’ve maybe found a way  to strip Elsa of her powers forever.

    Disney has always placed adult situations and humor in their films, but maybe with Frozen 2 they can up the bar just like DreamWorks did with How to Train Your Dragon 2 when it brought that even darker tone to the film. Now what would be a huge shock in Frozen 2 would have to be a character death that people would not see coming, but also be truly affected by it with an emotional attachment so it makes that scene more powerful and the only question is which character would it be?

Although a character death would defiantly be shocking and dark a different direction with a cliffhanger ending could also do the same thing, because what if at the end of Frozen 2 Elsa became a frozen statue of herself and what worked in the first film doesn’t work in the second? Which would make the premise of Frozen 3 having Anna and the crew looking for away to free Elsa from her ice prison which she’s trapped in, and also this could be the film in which Disney decides to go into the Snow Queen mythology.

Granted all of this is just pure speculation on where we here at East Coast Movie Guys would maybe like to see the Frozen franchise to go and basically shake things up a bit, but at the end of the day it’s still a children’s film even though it has potential to be very serious and somewhat dark.

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