Fantasy Drafting: 'The Warriors' Reboot!!

“The Warriors” 
(The unannounced reboot) 
By Jake Buchanan


    With the film industry being notorious these days for rebooting franchises we thought it would be interesting to revisit a cult classic which is The Warriors! It has been almost forty years since The Warriors came to theaters and with that being said even in this day and age of movies it still has a strong following, and not to mention Rockstar Games even developed and launched a successful The Warriors video game back in 2005.

With the possibilities of a whole new dynamic of a film having a rated R rating and turning into a franchise is definitely there due to audience members never getting to learn who Luther (the leader of the Rogues) was talking to on the phone, and who gave him the orders to kill Cyrus in the original movie. Down below are our choices for who we at East Coast Movie Guys want to direct, star, and even what we want the plot to be especially with rating, and with that being said let’s get into drafting The Warriors reboot!  

Plot:     The Warriors are now on the run through the city of New York with multiple gangs hunting them down for the death of the leader of the most powerful gang in the city! These wrongfully accused brawlers come up against huge odds to get back to their turf for safety, but will all of them make it? Granted it’s the same plot as the original but it would be set in modern day which would most likely reconstruct the presence of each gang to fit in with this point of time.


Rating:     The Warriors reboot should definitely be rated R due to the fact it’s a violent, heavy language used movie about surviving while being hunted down by the most vicious and merciless gangs in New York City, and it’s not possible to get that out of a PG-13 ratings now a day’s so the studio would just have to take a risk and promote it to the best of their abilities.   

Director:      Jaume Collet-Serra has directed Nonstop, Unknown, Orphan, and most recently Run All Night, and what most of Collet-Serra’s films have in common is how very good he is at making his films suspenseful which should be the direction of this new Warriors franchise. Why suspenseful though? With this version of The Warriors audiences have already experienced what took place in the original film, but with the tone being completely suspenseful it can take this movie into an entire new direction which would turn into a action/thriller genre that would stand out on its own apart from the original.   

Lead Actor:     Taylor Kitsch known for Friday Night Lights, John Carter, Battleship, and Lone Survivor without a doubt fits the mold of Swan who became The Warriors leader throughout the original movie due to their leader being killed immediately after Cyrus was murdered. The character of Swan in the original film didn’t speak that much and came off as a brooding brawler which we believe Kitsch can definitely portray well on screen, and with his success of playing these types of characters in his past is proof enough on why Kitsch should be casted as Swan in the new Warriors film.


Lead Antagonist:     Alfie Allen known for John Wick but better known as Theon Greyjoy on HBO’s Game of Thrones is absolutely the perfect fit for the character of Luther who’s the leader of the Rogues. Allen has the ability to make people uneasy with how crazed and sadistic his characters are usually portrayed, and that without a doubt is the characteristics of whom Luther is throughout the original film with the best example showcasing that would be the famous “warriors come out to play ay!” line that’s still used to this day. Overall the biggest reason why Allen should be casted as Luther is due to the fact how identical both Alfie Allen and David Patrick Kelly resemble one another, because if we were to place both their pictures next to each other it’s a close match for both of them.

    Let us here at East Coast Movie Guys know if the word came out that Hollywood was going to make a The Warriors reboot would you be interested, why or why not?  If you have some names you want to throw into the hat for character choices comment down below!  Other than that I would like to say thanks for taking time out of your day to give this a read, and what do you think about the potential names for the possible but NOT CONFIRMED The Warriors reboot?