Video Games That Could Work Great On The Big Screen!!

By Aric Sweeny

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Video games and movies are a huge part of our culture. Ideally, making movies out of video game franchises would be successful. This notion has been proven to be untrue by the history of video game inspired films. Although the track record isn’t great, video game movies have a promising future. Here are some video game franchises that could be great if turned into films.

“Super Smash Bros.”, also just known as “Smash”, is a stadium fighter video game series first released in 1999 by Nintendo. Its not just any old fighting game though, “Smash” brings together all of Nintendo’s most popular and beloved characters, making it extremely fun and full of nostalgia. These games don’t have much of a story, so the writer and director would have a lot of creative freedom. With the CGI capabilities in today's industry, the action scenes would be gorgeous. Having all the characters be foes at the beginning of the story and eventually coming together to stop the “Master hand” would most likely be the general outline of the plot, and would allow the creators to tinker with the details. Considering that the dialogue wouldn’t play a specifically huge part in this one, a Sci Fi director would most likely work best.

Another possibly great video game turned movie would be “Metal Gear Solid”(also called “Metal Gear”). “Metal Gear” is an action adventure stealth game, which follows the story of Solid Snake, a soldier who invades a nuclear weapons facility to wipe out a terrorist threat from FOX-HOUND. FOX-HOUND is made up of “genetically engineered” terrorists, who threaten to launch a nuclear attack on the USA if they don’t get what they want. Solid Snake gets sent in by the pentagon to eliminate FOX-HOUND, as he was a former FOX-HOUND soldier. Now there is a lot more to the plot, but you get the general gist of it. This already sounds more like a movie than a video game. For this, the casting of Solid Snake would have to be pretty spot on, I personally would cast Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale for the role. It shouldn’t be too fast paced of a movie, as it is a stealth game. The movie should definitely have some of the same qualities as the game; with offbeat humor, an intricate storyline, many philosophical themes, and references to other popular movies, ensuring fans of the original game are kept happy. Do this property right, and Hollywood could have a whole new batch of popular movie titles to work with.

“The Legend of Zelda” has the potential to be an amazing film. One of Nintendo's most widely known and praised franchises, created in 1986, follows the story of a young hero named Link, who has to collect the eight fragments of the triforce of wisdom in order to save princess Zelda from Ganondorf. With so many different franchises existing today, this plot seems pretty generic. I would expect a creative director and writer to take helm of this project, ensuring it would be interesting. The cinematography would be particularly important in this piece. The land of Hyrule is a beautiful place, and we would want the movie to show it off. Although this movie is almost perfect to be made into a film, there is one major problem. That would be the fact that the main character, Link, is a silent protagonist. With this in mind, the director would need to provide a unique way of telling the story. If I were to decide, I would use a narrator. This is a rarely used storytelling technique in cinema today, but it would be interesting to see done.

Do you agree with these picks? If you don’t, leave a comment as to why. Part 2 coming soon.

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