Box Office: Is Will Smith's Star Power Fading?

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the weekend box office update,

The once unstoppable force at the box office known as Will Smith seems to be losing his strength to generate huge numbers on his star power alone.  This weekend saw Will Smith open his first film with the lead role in almost 2 years to an underwhelming $19.1 million.  This is a huge deal considering this is Smith's lowest opening weekend since 2008's Seven Pounds which wasn't meant to be a huge contender at the box office.  At the time of Seven Pounds release the film was geared more as an awards contender that year show casing Smith's dramatic chops so there wasn't as much of a box office disappointment as there is with Focus.  Since then and now Will Smith has had only one success at the box office and that was a sequel to an established franchise in Men In Black 3 and also during this time he also had the biggest bomb of his career in the M. Night Shyamalan debacle After Earth.  The opening number of $19.1 million doesn't hold well for Focus' future at the box office with a couple potential huge films opening in the following weeks with Neill Blomkamp's Chappie and then Disney's live action adaptation of the classic Cinderella.

Coming in second place for the third straight weekend in a row is Matthew Vaughn's spy action-comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service holding strong with $11.8 million due to great word of mouth and critical praise has finally moved ahead of the Valentine's Day hit Fifty Shades of Grey which dropped all the way down to fourth place with an estimated $10.9 million down another huge 51% from last weekend due to bad word of mouth and terrible reviews.

Moving into third place this weekend is another film that has showed some legs at the box office over the past few weeks The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water brought in another $11.2 million improving its total gross up to an estimated $140.3 million domestically since opening four weeks ago.  Finally rounding out the top five of the box office weekend in its opening weekend is the low-budget Olivia Wilde starring horror/thriller The Lazarus Effect hauling in an estimated $10.6 million which is huge for a film that reportedly only cost $3.3 million to produce.

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Source:  Box Office Mojo