Movie Franchises That Could Or Should Be Rebooted?

By Aric Sweeny

Hello and welcome back everyone,

Reboots are a very common thing in the movie industry, whether it be to revamp a franchise to the iconic level it used to be, or just simple a cash grab. Reboots aren’t always a good thing, but when done right they are extremely beneficial. Here are the franchises that simply need a reboot.


The first reboot that needs to happen is “Blade”. “Blade” began the trend of Marvel characters hitting the big screen, and it deserves a new installment. While the third was definitely a flop, the first two installments were great. Considering it has been 11 years since Wesley Snipes has been on screen as the half vampire-half mortal hero, I think he could reprise the role with no problem. I mean, can you see anyone else playing Blade? I sure can’t.


It will probably never happen, but a “Jaws” reboot would be great. “Jaws” was a revolutionary film at the time, and scared people to death. It is one of the most iconic movies of all time, and with the technological advancements of today compared to 1975, it could be incredible. The only problem I see with this happening is that there isn’t too much they could do with the plot, and it would probably seem way too recycled. Nonetheless, it could provide intense and great looking CGI scenes, it could be terrifying.


“Street Fighter” is in need of a reboot, desperately. “Street Fighter” could have been a great movie when it was originally released, but in my opinion it was just released at the wrong time. The 90’s were a pretty awkward time for video game movies, and it suffered a bad fate. With the amazing special effects and fantastic amount of actors and directors available today, a reboot could be a great for the Street Fighter franchise and video game movies alike.




The Punisher would  be a good reboot, and I can actually see it happening. It has had 3 movies up until now, and all 3 have been sub-par. A short Punisher film called “Dirty Laundry” came out in 2012, and this alone showed how badass a Punisher movie could really be. Getting an actor that Has the vibe and look of Frank Castle and good direction would be key to make this reboot work. If done wrong though, this could really hurt the Punisher’s popularity and chance at ever being a prominent character in any cinematic universe.

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