Breaking!! First Episode of the new miniseries 'Mafiatards' drops online!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and Welcome back everyone!

Today is a cool day for the site because a good friend and fan of Eastcoastmovieguys David Abrams has recently released the first episode of his first miniseries called Mafiatards online.  We have it here for everyone to check out!  

The miniseries is directed by David Abrams and produced by Abrams Films.

Check out the first episode "The Seedy Underbelly" below:


Mafiatards is about a crime family that sends out a hit-man to kill an enemy gangster for unknown reasons. After the hit-man exposes himself in the process, untied loose ends lead to severe consequences against The Don and his associate.

Starring Harry Tandy and Johnny Tandy.

New episode coming soon!!

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