Saban Entertainment Is Pissed About the R-rated 'Power/Rangers' Short Film!!

By Matt O'Bryant

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I'm sure by this point most everyone has seen the awesome short film Power/Rangers!  The 14 minute film is amazing and is causing quite a stir across the web.  The overall reaction to this R-rated version of Power Rangers is amazing and people are going crazy about this very expensive self produced fan-made short film created by Joseph Kahn.  I personally love this and think it is definitely the version of Power Rangers I'd be pumped to see on the big screen. The fan-made film created by Kahn was also produced by Adi Shankar and they financed the film all themselves and got some really top level talent to be part of the film including James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackoff, with an original storyline.

Since debuting the film has already gotten 6.1 million views and is slowly being taken down online, Vimeo and Youtube both dropped the fan-made film online monday night at midnight.  The film has already as of this article has been taken down off Vimeo, but still can be seen on Youtube with so many different users copying it and releasing again on youtube.  Be warned it might come down all together sooner or later so watch it below while you still can.

Check it Out Below!!

Okay so back to the main topic, Saban Entertainment who owns the rights to Power Rangers has filed a copyright infringement complaint against Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar to have this film removed completely online saying that they are stealing their property.  Saban Entertainment after hearing of the short-film's release sent an email to creator Kahn with a formal Statement on how they are breaking so and so laws and must adhere to copyright complaints and act accordingly.  Kahn and Shankar has took to twitter firing back at Saban Entertainment saying the film is protected by free speech and expression laws.  Kahn says "Its also a parody, which typically fall under fair use protections.  As he noted, all the footage in the short is original, he funded the entire project himself, and he's making zero profit from it.  He postulated, Is it illegal to give a pic I drew of a character on a napkin to someone for free?  No."

I believe that this possible lawsuit is ridiculous by Saban Entertainment and are just mad that maybe their new Power Rangers film coming out next year is not gonna hold a candle to how badass this one is!  I do not believe they have broken any laws hear, and think the only reason it is getting so much flak is because it is such an amazing short-film!

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