Fantasy Drafting 'John Wick' Prequel "The Continental Hotel"

 “The Continental Hotel” 
(The Unannounced John Wick Prequel)

By Jake Buchanan

    There are always different important components when it comes to making a movie, but the question remains is what the important positions on creating it are?   

Usually we here at ECMG mainly fantasy draft actors for upcoming roles in huge motion pictures, but today we thought we’d change it up a bit and try are hand at drafting 4 important positions that come along with making a movie. Granted if this new venture into the fantasy drafting portion of our site is successful we’ll consider doing more in the future. 

Recently I had the chance to watch John Wick again starring Keanu Reeves, but if you haven’t had the chance to see it’s about a retired hitman named John Wick who jumps back into the game after intruders break into his home and kill his dog. From the summary it seems dumb, but I personally assure you that John Wick was one of the BEST action movies of 2014 without doubt due to how it was able to touch on that “old school” action movie film from back in the day when they were just starting to come out to theaters. Okay! Enough about John Wick the reason why I’m writing this article is due to the insanely captivating hotel in the movie called “The Continental” which is a hotel for world renowned assassins to stay at, but the only catch is NO killing allowed! The hotel sequences in the movie are awesome and hardcore but it’s the “how did this place come to be?” question that most people asked when the movie was over. 

Without saying anymore so I don’t ruin the film for you let’s get into drafting OUR choices who should be involved with this prequel that might happen one day, BUT let us make this clear there has been NO CONFIRMATION that this is actually in the works! This is just exactly what it states at the top a “fantasy draft” of what could be another fantastic call back to action movies of the past. So let’s do what we do best and draft some positions for who we’d like to see with the production of “The Continental Hotel”.     

Round One drafts… Director: Matthew Vaughn! 

Visionary behind such movies as Kick Ass, X-Men: First Class, and most recently Kingsman: The Secret Service. Vaughn might be one of the best upcoming directors working today, but it’s how he’s able to capture action sequences that really put him over the top as our choice for director.    

Round Two drafts… Writer: Derek Kolstad! 

Kolstad wrote “John Wick” which he kept simple, easy to understand, and was able to place good dialogue in action movie. With having the man who created this world why not let him pen this prequel into the origins of “The Continental Hotel”, and it’ll allow Kolstad to develop the world of assassins from “John Wick” a little bit more and maybe allowing a setup for a sequel.  

Round Three drafts… Composer: Steve Moore!  

Dark, sinister, and memorable is what type of music Moore would bring to the movie, because the direction we watch a film go as viewers defiantly stays in connection with the music playing in each scene. Moore has scored such films as “The Guest” and “V/H/S/2” which are both very intense driven films which are mainly horror based, but “The Guest” can be argued as an Action/Horror hybrid of sorts which defiantly gives off a killer sound which would fit perfectly into “The Continental Hotel”.  

Final Round drafts… Fight Choreographer: Yayan Ruhian! 

When it comes to fighting “The Raid” and “The Raid 2” have without a doubt the best fight scenes that I’ve ever seen in a movie, and that’s all thanks to Yayan Ruhian. It’s an assassins based world which involves tons of fighting, shooting, and on occasion some explosions but the question is would rather have another regular action movie fight scene between two men? Or have such an amazing well put together brawl that’ll challenge other movies in its genre to up their game to a whole other level, because that’s the type of fighting scenes you’ll get with Ruhian on the set.     

Let us here at ECMG know whether or not you enjoyed this first “Film Fantasy Draft” and what we can do to improve it as well. Also if the word came out that they’re going to make a film based on this hotel from John Wick would you be interested, why or why not?  If you have some names you want to throw into the hat for those choices or even other categories comment down below!  Other than that I would like to say thanks for taking time out of your day to give this a read, and what do you think about the potential names for the possible but NOT CONFIRMED prequel to John Wick?