Who Will Be The Box Office Champion of 2015?

 By Aric Sweeny

Hello Everyone,

2015 looks to be an incredible year for film, with some highly anticipated sequels coming, and many original films as well. 2014 was considered a good year for the content of film, but it severely lacked in revenue. 2015 looks to crush 2014 in box office sales, and has the upcoming movies to do so.

 The highest grossing is most likely going to be one of two films, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” or “The Avengers: Age Of Ultron”, but there could be a sleeper hit that takes the throne. 

While i think its highly unlikely, “The Hunger Games: Mockingay part 2” could possibly make the most money. Its predecessor was the highest grossing film of last year domestically, and part 2 could possibly continue the trend.

  In my opinion though, Star Wars will win the total box office. It has a fan base dating back to the mid 1970’s, and its fans are dedicated. Considered by most to be the greatest franchise to ever on the big screen, all ages will go see this one. Most didn’t expect this new installment to happen, but no one is complaining.

  “Avengers: Age Of  Ultron”, will most likely make the second most money. The Marvel cinematic universe has been captivating its audiences with great films since 2008, and this one looks to be its biggest and best yet. “The Avengers” was the highest grossing domestically of 2012, making just over 623 million, and Age of Ultron will look to make much more money than the first.

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Photo credits: starwarsunderworld.com