New Look At Bond In Upcoming 'Spectre' Features Snowy Mountain Top!

By Matt O'Bryant

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Today we get a new look at the new James Bond film Spectre which features some of the cast and crew in the middle of production on an Austria Mountain top where it looks like a beautiful, but dangerous environment with all the snow and freezing temperatures.  This featurette gives us some incite into what is sure to be a badass action sequence during the film with James Bond battling some villains in the snowy climate.  Many of the past Bond films have focused on or had some epic and ridiculous snow/skiing battles, but this will be Daniel Craig's Bonds first adventure involving the beautiful ice and snow environment.  Gonna be epic!  The picture above shows us Bond wearing some badass eye goggles looking ready to kill some baddies.  

Many of the shots we see in the featurette leads us to believe we will get some very spectacular action sequences during the film, I personally really want to see a classic skiing action scene which would give us some of that classic throwback campy kind of feel, but still grounded in this very real world James Bond.

Check Out the Featurette Below: 

Sam Mendes returns as director for his second entry in the James Bond franchise following his box office breaking epic Bond entry Skyfall a couple of years ago.  

The film is set for release on November 6th, 2015

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Source:  Movie Clips/Youtube