Trailers: First Trailer for Ryan Reynolds new film 'The Voices' Drops Online!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to the ECMG everyone and get ready to check out this funny ass looking film starring Ryan Reynolds.  This trailer looks great and before watching it I really had no idea about this film, and very surprised by it.  Reynolds looks like he is gonna be great in it and if anyone needs a reboot to a downward spiraling career it is definitely him.  His past few films have all missed the mark except for the grossly underrated 'Buried' a couple of years ago.  Now it looks like he is about to start hitting his stride again starting with this film and then we will all be treated to the stand alone 'DEADPOOL' FILM in 2016!

Anyways Check it out for yourself below:  looks like it might be a real gem!


Well what do you think movie guys and gals, let us know how you feel about this interesting looking comedy.

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