News: Breaking!! 'Batman V. Superman' Teaser To Drop Sooner Than We Thought?

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

Every since Zack Snyder and company unveiled the surprise sneak peak of 'Batman V. Superman last year at Comic Con fans have been holding their breath for when they will get a chance to see some footage of the film with their "own eyes".

Now we might be getting that chance sooner than expected with the recently rumored news that the first teaser is going to drop in theaters with the release of 'Jupiter Ascending' on February 6th 2015.  I think this will turn out to be a great move by Warner Brothers considering how much has went wrong with the release of 'Jupiter Ascending' in general.  I personally was wanting to see Jupiter anyways no matter how okay at best it looks.  But the kicker is that I probably wasn't going to go see it in theaters, well now you can bet your ass i'll be there on opening night if we I get to set my eyes on the first footage for 'Batman V. Superman'.  Smooth move WB, very smooth move.

Okay everyone let me know what you think about this move of releasing the first teaser before Jupiter.  Are you going to now go check out 'Jupiter Ascending' if indeed this teaser is dropping with the film?  Let us know below.

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