News: Chris Pratt Being Eyed For 'Indiana Jones' Reboot!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and Welcome Back Everyone,

Disney is apparently eyeing Chris Pratt for the role of Indiana Jones, in what looks to be a reboot or prequel to the Indiana Jones series.  Chris Pratt who is coming off "The Year Of Chris Pratt" where he has already played an Indiana Jones type character in the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy.  

This would be an excellent move for Disney since Chris Pratt has already worked for them on Guardians of the Galaxy which is Marvel studios, which is owned by Disney.  Disney bought the rights to Indiana Jones from Paramount back in 2013 and Pratt is good at playing this type of character and he definitely fits the bill, I mean just look at the picture above.  He looks almost just like a young Indiana Jones.  Hopefully this actually happens because it would be amazing, Chris Pratt is one of the next huge big movie stars and coming off this past year with the Lego Movie and Guardians, he also has the lead role in the hugely anticipated Jurassic World coming out this summer.  We will just have to wait and see how this casting plays out but like I said earlier this would be amazing!

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Source:  Latino-Review