News: 'Ghostbusters' Reboot All Female Fast Revealed!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and Welcome everyone,

Wow movie news is just hitting us hard this week with all kinds of great stories.  The latest comes from over at The Hollywood Reporter, where they have heard from the new Ghostbusters reboot camp that they have finally decided own their "Big Four" for their all female lead reboot of the classic Ghostbusters' franchise.  

After weeks and weeks of actresses from all over hollywood auditioning for roles, the studio has decided to go with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate Mckinnon.  The second two female leads are the lesser known actresses are currently Saturday Night Live cast members.

The film is being directed by Paul Feig and written by Katie Dippold, Feig has worked with Wiig and McCarthy before on Bridesmaids, which was a critical and financial success a few years ago and kind of launched McCarthy career to where it is now.  So the chemistry between the actresses and director should be nice.

The film is set to begin filming sometime this summer as they are shooting for a release date of sometime in the summer of 2016, no confirmations yet on the date.

Overall i'm not to excited about this project, I'm a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters film and its sequel.  Its a shame we never got the true sequel to the originals we always wanted.  I'm interested slightly in the film, but with a lot of hesitation.  I like the casting of Wiig and McCarthy a little bit, but overall I thought they should have a different we, I think the all female casting thing is kind of a gimmicky kind of thing, hopefully this film will be okay and not tarnish the legacy of what Bill Murray and crew gave us 30 years ago.

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