News: 'The Jetsons' Feature Film Coming!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello and Welcome Back,

Deanline is exclusively reporting that The Jetsons will be getting a full length feature sometime in the near future.  Reports are that for years now that Warner Brothers was working on a live action version.  Now though it appears that they are just going to make it an animated feature, no reports on whether it will be classic animation style or computer animation style.  I'm betting they changed up their plans to make a live action version, after seeing years and years of mediocre live action versions of classics like The Flintstones, Masters of the Universe, Speedracer, and Scooby Doo.  None of these live action adaptions lived up to the original versions either critically or financial and sometimes both.  

Interesting though is the guy they have hired on as the writer for this film is the same writer of the live action Scooby Doo Matt Lieberman.  Matt Lieberman has been part of Disney's system for years and got his start with the Disney Writers program years ago.  So maybe he will turn out something good.

I loved watching The Jetsons reruns as a kid and could see being interested in a full length feature if it ever actually happens.

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