News: How to 'DELAY' your Dragon

By Jake Buchanan

Hello and Welcome,

Guess what all you Hiccup and Toothless fans now you’ll have to wait until 2018 to get How to Train Your Dragon 3, because DreamWorks is undergoing extreme changes in their new business model which will involve the release of nearly 500 employees.  

How to Train Your Dragon 3 was recently scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016, but then DreamWorks moved the release to summer of 2017 which now has been changed yet again.  This all points to some trouble ahead for the studio, a lot projects have failed over the past couple of years that they have released, they either bombed or did not live up to expectations so now they are going to have to go back and try work some things out, I just do not think delaying the third film in this amazing franchise is the way to go.

Comment below and get in the conversation, do you thank Dreamworks is making the right move moving this film so far back?  Are they justified in laying off 500 workers?  let us know how you feel about it?

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