Trailers: A New 'Chappie' Trailer Drops Online!!

By Matt O'Bryant


Today we are checking out the new trailer for Neil Blomkamp's follow up to the okay 'Elysium' and amazing 'District 9', which is for 'Chappie'.  This second trailer is full of way more action and gives us a completely different tone and feel from the first one.  This time around we are shown some of the same stuff but mostly new stuff along with more dialogue from the main characters.  We also getting a bigger sense of the overall plot, which i'm not sure is a good thing, it is almost a straight up mixture of the first 2 films 'District 9' and Elysium.  I'm feeling less excited for the film now with this full length trailer, The first teaser got me extremely excited and now I just feel okay about seeing the film.  

Check it out for Yourself below and then tells us your thoughts on it.

'Chappie' is set for a March 6, 2015 release date.

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