Trailers: First Trailer for 'Run All Night' Liam Neeson Vs. Ed Harris

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello everyone and welcome back,

Here is the new trailer for Liam Neeson's next action flick in which he is going to be whooping some major ass.  As always don't mess with Liam Neeson or his family.  As we see in this trailer some bad guys are once again messing with Neeson's family and so he obviously is going to have to kill a lot of bad guys and have an epic voice over for the trailer which we do indeed get.  The cool thing to me about this film is that Neeson's character isn't going against some random bad guy.  He is going against one of my favorite actors of all time Ed Harris. 

Check it Out Below:  

Another thing worth mentioning about this film, is that its Neeson's third team-up with director Jaume Collet-Serra beginning a few years ago with two descent Taken style flicks 'Unknown' and 'Non-Stop'.  So this will perhaps complete this duo's trilogy and maybe third time is a charm.  'Unknown' I felt was okay at best, but I was actually surprised a little bit by 'Non-Stop' because I went into that film thinking it was gonna be total garbage and in the end I enjoyed the film quite a bit.  Maybe Jaume Collet-Serra can up the bar a good bit higher with this entry and end their trilogy with a modern day classic, maybe, maybe not?

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