Pauly Shore Wants to do Encino Man 2? Say What??!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone

Ok!! Pauly Shore fans get very excited, it looks as if there is a possibility that we may be getting a Encino Man 2 Yay!!

In a recent interview over at Variety, Pauly Shore said that he and his agent had talked about it, and that the original screenwriter did have a pretty cool idea for the sequel, but nothing had been written and nothing at all is confirmed.  Pauly Shore did say he would be very stoked to do a sequel, because of course he would, when was the last time Pauly Shore was on the big screen.  Probably needs some funds.  Pauly did go on to say in the interview that he "loved doing the first Encino Man" and that he "thought is was a cute movie".  It sounds to me like this will probably never happen, I just can't see any studio throwing any funds towards making an Encino Man 2 when the first one came out way back in 1992.  We just saw what a disaster Dumb and Dumber too was.  Keep Dreaming Pauly Shore, all I have to say is where in the hell is Bio-Dome 2!!!!

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