Breaking!! Chris Pratt Might Join Denzel Washington!!


By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

Wow if this actually goes down it would be huge, Chris Pratt coming off "The Year Of Pratt" could be joining Denzel Washington in the remake of The Magnificent Seven.  The film is to be directed by Antoine Fuqua from 'Training Day' fame and more recently 'The Equalizer' both of which having stared Denzel Washington.  Now this casting would be huge for this remake of 'The Magnificent Seven' that is itself a remake of 'seven samurai'.

Now if this rumor turns out to be true it would make this remake a must see, and that is only with two of the leads cast, remember it is called 'The Magnificent Seven' so there will most likely still be another 5 main castings in store for us, most likely some high profile actors will be joining these two leading men.  The question is who?  

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