News: Sony Now Says Its Going to Show 'The Interview'

By Matt O'Bryant

Sup Everyone,

Wow this is wild, okay after all the insane shit of last week, now we get this update from Sony saying now they will release 'The Interview' in limited release on Christmas Day and also possibly on VOD model's across the web!!

Hopefully the world don't explode, but personally if their is a screening near my house i'll definitely be there to see it, no worries I think the whole threats thing might have been bullshit, maybe.  

Okay so apparently this happened and it comes from reports from the great site Cinema Blend they said this "using the hashtag #Victory, Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League tweeted that Sony authorized screenings of Seth Rogan and James Franco's movie"

That being said I kind of slightly agree that the Sony thing kind of got us all scared last week and buckled under pressure, then the president came out and called Sony out saying they made a mistake by backing down to these threats.  So now instead of holding to their word of not releasing the film they are in fact going to screen it as according to plan, albeit in a much smaller release format and possibly on VOD.  

I'm now so very confused, on the one hand i'm glad the film is being released to the public because I very much believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  But I no longer feel mad at Sony, I kind of feel bad for them but not so much in a good way.  I feel like everybody there in charge that has in any way any aspect of control is going to be fired perhaps step down, I mean it is a given at this point right?  Anyways I don't want to go off on a rant about that, because i'm actually saving that for another article where i'm actually gonna dive deep into the down fall of Sony Pictures.  

But for now i'll leave this by saying who cares really?  I love movies, I want to see movies, and this isn't the best or first film to push everyone's controversial buttons across the globe.  This will be my last article on this film except for a review of the actual film.  I hope in the end that this reaction from Sony for pulling the film and now going back to releasing it, fixes the many damages that could have been caused by them never showing the film at all, one thing I can say is bye bye many Sony Exec's you obviously have lost control!

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