Breaking!! Justin Lin to Direct 'Star Trek 3', Trekkies Abandon All Hope!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Sup Everybody,

Okay all you Star Trek Fanboys; wait I mean Trekkies, check out that image above!!  Now that image is cool, sexy, and badass, that is your crew of The Star Trek Enterprise as we know it today, but you always had to complain about it.  Guess who helped design that badass image above, yes his name is J.J. Abrams and you, yes you had to always complain about him, about him never been the right guy for the job him not be Trekkie enough!  You just always said he was never going to be the right guy for the job. A guy who made the last two 'Star Trek' films relevant, epic, groundbreaking, popular, mainstream, character driven, I mean really we could go on and on.  

Now Lookie Wookie, what do we have here, a couple of years ago J. J. Abrams revealed he was leaving to restore another once great Empire to Glory, no pun intended, that in which is Star Wars the greatest Sage Ever Told!!  Like many would say, many who would be me like me and say yes Star Wars destroys Star Trek in every way possible!!  I may be wrong, but who really knows, all I know is that "I'm will to stand on top of any bar stool for the rest of my life drunk as hell and scream at the top of my lungs that man those prequels were bad", but they will always be so much better than probably 70 percent of the Star Trek Films and I will honestly tell any man, woman, or child "man those prequels are bad" if you get my drift.  Once again just my own opinion completely.  I have many friends and acquaintancies who would argue both of those sides till their death and also have a lot who like neither at thinks we are all crazy, but that their loss right?  But mine opinion is mine and so the ultimate battle of Fanboys and Trekkies rage on forever!

So Now that you know where I stand on my fanboy-ism, I must say that I love several of the older Star Trek films, 'Kahn' is one of the all time greats of course and a guilty pleasure of mine is 'Generations' even though I hated the way Captain James T went out in that film thought they should have done him better, but he went out like an every man like he always felt he was supposed to be, that is a normal guy he never in my opinion wanted to be the legend of Captain Kirk, but there are also a couple other I like as well.  

Back to my point, I felt that J.J. Abrams did great justice to the history, characters, fans, etc, with his two 'Star Trek' films.  I personally really really loved the first reboot and liked the second one a lot, I actually consider 'Star Trek' 2009 one of my favorite 50 films of all time, which is of course an ever evolving list and to make it in there a film has to really hit me hard and that one did.  I believe the reason it did is because of J.J. Abrams amazing style of film making that always seems to be really story and character driven while still on an epic scale.  I never understood the criticism of him and now that this new director has been announced I can officially say that you Trekkies will soon enough have realized how great you had it: Welcome Too the Era of Justin Lin 'Star Trek'.

I can't believe he got hired for this, I mean I completely called the Roberto Orci deal from the get go, but I thought the studio would move in a different direction.  Maybe a new indie film director or maybe fork out some money on a great director who has done big films, Brad Bird anyone?  You Trekkies thought you had Trekkered yourself out with Abrams well get ready for a rude awaking because Justin Lin is no where near the level of film making that Abrams is at!! Now I'm not completely hating on Justin Lin he is still better then many out there, I liked what he did with the 'Fast and the Furious' Franchise with his direction on 'Fast Five'.  That being said, and i'll probably get some hate for this from fans of the 'fast and the furious' movies, but all Lin did was get lucky with 'Fast Five'!  Adding Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to the cast going head to head with none other than Vin Diesel a huge international star who is one of the most underrated actors of our time who gives one of his best performances ever I believe, surrounded by a cast of okay B-list actors hitting there peak mainly the late Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriquez, and Jordana Brewster.  Throw in a the new 'Wonder Woman' with hardly any lines Gal Godet.  I mean the film was fun, but not a classic by any means, a lot people tend to completely forget that Lin also directed the hated 3rd entry in the franchise, as well as the ridiculous and over the top 4th and 6th entry I mean you have to get 1 film right out of 4 with the same cast and crew over the course of almost a 10 year span, its a given right?

All that being said, Justin Lin has not directed a feature film since the underwhelming Fast & Furious 6 and has bounced around and out of many projects including the sequel to the not so hot 'The Bourne Legacy'.  Now that I've stated all the facts and ranted quite a bit on many topics surrounding this , I just would like everyone including film fans, Trekkies or maybe even a Star Wars Fanboy like myself who loved the last two Star Trek flicks even though me liking them can be considered an act of crime by many.  How can you be excited about this and maybe you should be really worried about this hiring?  Once again just my opinions.

P.S. to everyone I was not an English major and neither are any of my staff at this point, there will be errors in grammar and such, so we thank you for understanding and we are just doing this for our pleasure and yours because we love talking about movies, maybe one day with your help, we will be able to hire someone to perfect the grammar on the site until then calm down and enjoy yourself.

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