Breaking!! 'Suicide Squad' Cast Officially Announced!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Jared Leto is The Joker!!

After one of the greatest performances of all time by the late Heath Ledger, no one thought we would see The Joker for a very very long time, but now we won't have to wait to much longer its official!!

Will Smith is Deadshot!!

Deadshot is known in the comics as a criminal mastermind and skilled assassin, he has also lead the Suicide Squad before, it will be interesting to see the leader out of this casting who will run this outfit!!

Tom Hardy is Rick Flag

This guy has been known in the comics as the more morally thoughtful member of the Suicide Squad, and has also been the leader of the group, he usually plays the "Captain America" type in the group if that makes any since, and this will be Tom Hardy's second role for DC on the Big Screen, since he already played Bane in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy!!

Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn

One of the sexiest and craziest comic book characters to ever be created, and the right hand lady to The Joker himself, is gonna be amazing on the big screen, and will be the first time we will have seen in a movie.  Her character was featured a lot in the Batman Animated Series from the the 90s, Margot is perfect for this role and this casting was probably in the bag months ago.

Cara Delevingne is Enchantress

This was kind of the most surprising casting, in terms of compared to the other talent on the screen, but what this beautiful model lacks in experience on the big screen she more than makes up for with remarkably sultry sexy good looks, and Cara was also rumored to be playing the role of Harley Quinn in earlier reports.

Jai Courtney is Captain Boomerang

Jai has been slowly building a huge resume in Hollywood blockbusters lately, even though he is still kind of under the radar as an actor, but look for him to break out huge with this perfect casting.  Boomerang in the comics is from Australia; as is Jai in reality.  I just wonder how Boomerang's skill set will work in this adaptation.

So there it is, some huge official casting news on 'Suicide Squad' which is going to be the second film to be released for the DC cinematic universe after 2016's Batman V. Superman blows the box office records away!!  I'm personally very pleased and excited with this casting, what a huge crop of A-listers to put in one comicbook film without some prior films for individual characters, this is a very huge move by everyone involved, some very high profile actors are going be suiting up for this one and I can't wait!!  Don't forget to live me your thoughts and comments below, and always remember to Like and Share!!