Trailers: James Franco and Jonah Hill's Drama 'True Story'!!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

Well after a long and very strange week with lots of threats of world war 3 involving a James Franco comedy!!  We now get this, an amazing looking trailer for a Jonah Hill and James Franco's drama called 'True Story'.  We may never get to see 'The Interview' in theaters, but who cares about that,  when we can look forward to this amazing looking film with Hill and Franco showing off there acting chops.  Check it out below!!

Everything about this trailer looks amazing from the tone to the direction.  Jonah Hill and James Franco look riveting in this trailer, man Jonah Hill is really taking his career in a new direction.  With two Oscar Nominations already under his belt in the best supporting actor arena, I wonder if this film will perhaps lead to his first Best Actor Nomination, I hope so personally and I'm all in on these two actors and the rest of their crew switching gears from being the funniest comedy team in the film business right now to taking over the other end of the spectrum of the industry being dark realistic dramas David Fincher style.

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