Breaking!! James Bond Spectre Script Leaks Online!! Sony Fallout Continues!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello everyone,

This Sony hack is now just starting to get out of control, its one thing when we have possible casting rumors being leaked, or private emails that show execs arguing about high paid actors. None of that actually effects the end product of the film's involved over at Sony Pictures.

Now the fact that scripts are starting to leak out it is taking this thing to a whole new level. The script to the new James Bond film 'Spectre' has now leaked online in its entirety and it contains massive spoilers, now don't worry I would never post spoilers on my site, I'm firmly against ruining the artistic integrity of the people who work very hard in the industry for what they do!  To be honest this really pisses me off and should a lot of other people, not only will this effect the end product to the new James Bond film, but most likely it will cause massive rewrites, which in turn will delay the production of the film!  This is by no means acceptable on any ethical level.  And this is needs to end.

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