'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Villain' Theory!


By Jake Buchanan

"When magicians perform a magic trick they tend to make the audience look one way, but are secretly doing the real trick in the other direction."  In the case of Warner Brother's new DC Cinematic Universe that is being created, there are so many multiple castings and casting rumors coming out that I believe are in many ways to perhaps intentionally create a diversion from who the main villain is going to be in Batman V. Superman:  Dawn of Justice! 

Since all of these numerous new DC characters are being cast and confirmed every week this leaves a huge question that I think everyone has for Batman V. Superman, "Who's the main villain?"

Now of course Batman v.Superman will have Batman fighting Superman, but there has to be one entity that forces these two heroes to come together eventually placing their differences aside either in the third act of the film or in the sequels which have recently been announced as upcoming Justice League films.  So I ask which villain in the DC universe could cause such mayhem and be such a force, that Superman would need Batman's help to fight against?

That answer could perhaps be none other than the DC character Metallo.  If they(WB) are going by the comics, the introduction of Metallo could also come with the introduction of Kryptonite to Batman which might possibly mean him finding out that kryptonite is Superman's weakness, which may lead to Batman using it against Superman down the line, and I already know the obvious question to ask "How would they explain the evolution of John Corbin to Metallo?" 

This is simple to answer by speculating that we find out Metallo's origin stems from the creepy doctor kryptonian henchman of Zod in Man of Steel.  Perhaps it would be no surprise to anyone if one of Zod's right hand men were doing experiments on humans before and/or after the events that took place during Man of Steel.  To take this theory one step further from the comics and all the speculation, when the eventual face to face goes down between Metallo and Superman perhaps one would think that Lex Luthor would be the one perhaps behind the confrontation!  Maybe, Lex was the one who found Metallo following the aftermath of Man of Steel, and Lex convince Metallo that all the blame is on Superman for what has happened to him?   

So what do you think everyone?  At the end of the day all of this is just speculation from what I've gathered from Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman rumors, and my knowledge of DC comics.

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