'Jurassic World' Official Teaser Trailer Released!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Ok!  Ok!!!  I know i'm about a week late, but our site was having some technical difficulties over the past week, but here is the full trailer and it is really good, not great like I was Hoping!!  I'm sure everyone has seen this trailer a lot by now, i'm sure everyone has noticed the same things about it as we have, and many different sites have probably broken down the trailer and talked about it probably too much.  So i'm just gonna state some of my opinions about it which are positive and negative, so here we go!!  The positive and negative opinions will not equal each other..enjoy!

Positive:  1.  Chris Pratt  2. Throwback to original Feeling  3.  Dinosaurs  4.  Lots of possible Victims!  Possibly hundreds!!  Yes!!  5.  Ron Howard's daughter yes! 6.  Sound= Trailer's Score = Yes!!  7.  Collin Trevorrow directing!!  8.  "The Running and the Screaming"

Negative:  1.  Chris Pratt not smiling!!  2.  Effects although possibly not finished do not awe!  3.  No Chris Pratt Jokes!!  4.  Wait No T-Rex!!!  5.  Not enough suspense!!!  6.  Hope its not about one genetic mishap invented dinosaur aka "pint size" "Godzilla" u suck if this is so!! 7.  Young kids again why!!  Have they never seen a great suspense/horror/slasher film, we need sexy horny teenagers getting attacked and eatin alive!!?!  Possibly!  Maybe!!  Joking!!  But would that not be awesome!!?!  8.  Wait no T-Rex!  I had to say that twice, did they not learn from the 3rd film's mistakes!!  9.  Wait no Jeff GoldBlum "WTF", did they not learn from the 3rd film's mistakes, C'mon!!!!!!!!!  Jeff GoldBlum is perhaps the best one thing the the first sequel got right!!  Please make a Great Cameo please Mr. GoldBlum!!

Once again sorry about the delay my film buddies, let me know what you guys and gals think about my thoughts, please like, comment, and share below!!!