Breaking: 'Highlander' remake eyeing Tom Cruise!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hey Movie Peeps, today there has been some interesting news coming out of the 'Highlander' remake/reboot, if sources are correct it appears that the folks over at Summit are looking at Tom Cruise to take over Sean Connery's role in the original 'Highlander', Cruise would be playing Juan Ramirez the mentor to the young Conner Macleod, the immortal Highlander looking for revenge against a barbarian known The Kurgan.

I think this idea sounds amazing, Tom Cruise is always top notch no matter how many haters out there try and take that man down, I always say try and name one performance where Tom Cruise has ever mailed it in.  Plus this would be the first time in his career that we would see Cruise taking the older man role in a film.  He would still be playing a lead in the film, but would be second fiddle to whoever they cast as Conner Macleod in the film.  Highlander is one of my favorite guilty movie pleasures ever and would love to see this remade into a modern classic!!

So what do you think are you excited about this casting news and the idead of this Highlander remake, remember to let us know what you think movie peeps and like and comment below, also share on facebook!!!