Which Marvel Characters Should Or Could Die In 'Captain America: Civil War'!?

By Aric Sweeny

Although “Avengers: Age of Ultron” came out only two weeks ago, we are already speculating at possible spoilers of “Captain America: Civil War”. “Civil War” looks to be be Marvel Studios’ biggest project to date, with a total of 16 characters confirmed, and that's excluding Spider Man. Recently, it was reported that a funeral scene is being filmed. With this is mind, I list the characters that could die, and why. Possible “Avengers: Age of Ultron” SPOILERS.

The first character on my list is Tony Stark’s wife, Pepper Pots. She’s busy running Stark Enterprises and hasn’t been seen since “Iron Man 3,” but Pots will most likely play a vital role in the 2016 blockbuster. Tony Stark already views life from a different perspective than when he began his superhero career, and the death of Pots would push him over the edge. 

 I see Hawkeye as a viable candidate to die in every movie he is in. Though he solidified his spot as an ‘Avenger’ in “Age of Ultron,” he is still simply just a highly skilled man with a bow and arrows. He caught fans attention with how great of a character he was, and now has a substantial fan base. If he was to die, it would be  extremely tragic to not only fans, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. 

While still unlikely, Sam Wilson/The Falcon’s life could end in “Civil War”. With so many powerful characters on the new Avengers (seen at the end of Avengers 2), Wilson just seems to stick out amongst the crowd. 

 I see Peggy Carter as the second most likely candidate to die. Being as she is Cap’s only love, it would severely affect him emotionally. She isn’t in good health either, as seen in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. She has already died in the comics too.

Another person I can see dying is Hawkeye's wife. She played an important part in “Age of Ultron,” and helped to further develop Clint Barton’s character. It would be  a surprise to most fans, while giving Hawkeye another reason to fight. 

Finally, the character that I think is most likely going to die in “Captain America: Civil War” is none other than Steve Rodgers himself. All the signs point to this happening. In the Civil War comic, Rodgers died and Bucky Barnes took his place. If the Russo Brothers don’t want Bucky to be the next Cap, The Falcon is another option. (If he doesnt die, of course.)

Are you excited for “Civil War”?

Who do you think will die?  Comment down below!