Fantasy Drafting: DC's 'Suicide Squad' looking for a new Rick Flagg!!

By Jake Buchanan

Hello everyone and welcome back to Fantasy Drafting!!

Now that Tom Hardy has dropped out of DC’s Suicide Squad the biggest question DC fans have now is who will take on the role of Rick Flagg!?!  Tom Hardy was set to be the lead in Suicide Squad which indicates that perhaps if you didn’t know Rick Flagg is the leader of the squad, and now DC & WB have to find someone who can fill the void of Hardy and lead this film to further the DCU. I don’t usually draft for fantasy sports, but I do fantasy draft actors for roles in upcoming films, and again this is all my personal opinion which is just speculation and theories. 
Round one draft pick for Rick Flagg is… Gerald Butler! Butler can lead a film with also being a badass at the same time, and he has the draw factor that would lure the audiences into theaters. No stranger to these types of dark and gritty films Butler will fit perfectly into the developing DCU without any problems, and Butler can bring an intensity of a strong leader figure to the franchise if they’re sequels in the future. 
Round two draft pick for Rick Flagg is… Jon Bernthal! When people talk about intensity in a character I automatically go straight to Jon Bernthal, because not only does he present that old school hard ass personality but also gives off an intensity that makes all other characters around him simmer down. Bernthal defiantly possess the ability to lead an ensemble, but he just needs to be given the chance to do so which is why I think the role of Rick Flagg is a perfect fit for him.    
Round three draft pick for Rick Flagg is… Kurt Russell! This year Russell is set to be in two huge films; The Hateful 8 and Fast Seven which are in the top 10 most anticipated movies of 2015. Now the reason on why Kurt Russell is that he can without a doubt bring that old school action hero to the Rick Flagg character and it could playoff that Waller and Flagg have known each other for years allowing some kind of unspoken bond between the two. Granted this is the “dark horse” pick in the entire world of the DCU, but I honestly think it would make for excellent and surprising casting plus Russell could pull it off. 
Personally I’m happy about Tom Hardy dropping out of the role, because I think that would’ve been a wasted role on such a phenomenal actor as he is and possibly Hardy could have a bigger part in this universe down the road. Other than that I would like to say thanks for taking time out of your day to give this a read, and what do you think about the potential names for replacing Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad? Who do you think should replace Hardy? 

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