Top 5 Villains We Should See In The 'Spider-Man' Reboot!!

By Aric Sweeny

Hello everyone,

In case you didn’t know, there is a Spider Man reboot film coming out in 2017. This new Spider Man will be apart of the Marvel cinematic universe, different from the Andrew Garfield adaptation. One of the key elements in making this film great will be the main villain they choose. As seen in previous comic book movies, some of the best villains offer physical and emotional terrorization to the hero. With Spider Man having so many great antagonists to choose from, I give you my picks for the villains they should use in the upcoming Spider Man reboot, in no particular order.

Venom deserves another time to shine on the big screen. Not only is Eddie Brock a fan favorite, but he is an extremely formidable foe. While yes, maybe TOO formidable and unlikely considering Peter Parker will be in highschool, a guy can dream, right? But in all seriousness, Venom is a fascinating character that deserves a good portrayal, unlike that dogshit that was Topher Grace in “Spider Man 3”.

Shocker could act as a side villain, maybe only showing up for a beginning fight scene. The last thing I want to see this film have is too many villains, but an appearance by Shocker could be beneficial to the pacing of the film and a fan service. 

Wilson Fisk/Kingpin would be a fantastic choice. Not only would he be an extreme threat with all of his resources and mobsters, it would tie in the “Daredevil” series quite nicely. 

NO GOBLINS. Yeah yeah, this isn’t actually a pick, but I need to get it out there. We have already seen too many goblins glide over the big screen, and just really don’t need any more. No, not even Hobgoblin. 

Mysterio. This character was essentially created for the big screen, and it could be amazing. A special effects geek gets bored and uses his knowledge to pursue a life of crime, what's not to love? 

Sergei Kravinoff is one of the few rare villains that usually bests Spidey. Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of the greatest Spider Man comic stories of all time, and could serve as a foundation to the film. Kraven is fearless, and I have no doubt he would be a fascinating antagonist. 

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What villains do you want to see in the “Spider Man” reboot?


Photos: Moviecricket, projectcasting