Simon Kinberg Confirms FOX's 'X-Men' Shared Cinematic Universe!!


By Matt O'Bryant 

What's up guys and gals,  

Now that Fox Marvel is past the Fantastic Four stupidity of 2015, we can begin to look ahead to the future of Fox's shared cinematic universe.  These are the properties like X-Men, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Gambit  that Fox is actually good at when it comes to turning them into badass blockbuster comic book movies.  The producer of these said properties Simon Kinberg recently sat down for an interview with MTV and finally confirmed the much rumored shared cinematic universe within Fox's Marvel properties.  

 “The idea is that we’ve sort of reset the timeline after Days of Future Past in some ways, and if not erased, certainly allowed for change from X1, ’2, 3, everything from Days of Future Past forward, 1973, everything we set now becomes canon, so the Gambit movie, the Deadpool movie, will exist in a world that acknowledges whatever happened in Days of Future Past and moving forward. Doesn’t mean they’ll always interact with those characters, obviously, it’s not like every movie has all the characters, but they all have to exist within the same rules.”

“There will be interplay between different characters in different movies.”

We'll there you have folks straight from the horse's mouth.  I love it, because now we know for sure what is legit and what is not. No more looking back at the older X-Men films and trying to fit in all the weird little pieces that don't really fit.

So let us know your thoughts on the topic in comments section below?  Do you like everything from here on out being considered canon with Fox's X-Men properties?  


 DEADPOOL  hits theaters on February 12th, 2016.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE hits theaters on May 27th2016

GAMBIT hits theaters on October 6th, 2016