RUMOR: 'Wonder Woman' Timelines Revealed!!

By Matt O'Bryant

What's up guys and gals,

The next stand-alone film in the DC Extended universe will be be Wonder Woman which will in theaters in 2017 after next year's highly anticipated one-two punch of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad.

It interesting to note that Wonder Woman is by far the most popular female comic-book superhero of all time and she still has not made her big screen debut, but that wait is almost over, and with principle photography supposedly beginning late this year, news about the film is bound to start trickling out.

One of the most popular arguments out there right now is, what time period the film will take place in?  Since Wonder Woman doesn't age or ages very slowly, most rumors out there say that she is at least 200 years old by the time the events in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice take place next year.  

Early rumors have already been saying the film will take place around the turn of the century, with a huge part of the film taking place during World War I.  While we still don't have confirmation on the timeline, we do have a new report out from the scoop masters themselves Heroichollywood, get the details below.

According to Heroichollywood:

Not much is known about Wonder Woman other than the casting of Gal Gadot and what we have seen in the trailers for Batman v Superman. The standalone film will be directed by Patty Jenkins after Michelle Maclaren dropped out.

Last fall, Bleeding Cool did a story saying the Wonder Woman standalone film will take place during the 1920s with later sequels taking place during World War II and then modern day. Well, according to my sources here in Hollywood that is not exactly true.

The latest rumor I am hearing is the first half of Wonder Woman standalone film will actually take place during World War I. Again, World War I not II. The second half of the film takes place during modern day.

Because of the intense secrecy surrounding most DCEU films at the moment, this latest bit gets the rumor stamp pending further confirmation. With Wonder Woman rumored to be at least 200 years old during the events of Batman v Superman, it is within the realm of possibility that Diana was around during the first World War.
— Heroichollywood

So what do you guys and gals think?  What time period would you like to see the film take place in?  Leave us your thoughts below in the comments section!

WONDER WOMAN  hits theaters on June 23rd, 2017