Should Or Could 'The X-Men' Franchise Retire The Wolverine Character After Hugh Jackman Is Done?

Old Man Logan’s Replacement

By Jake Buchanan

Hank McCoy: "It's been shut down for years. Are you a parent?"

Logan: "I sure as hell hope not!"

Ever since Hugh Jackman announced that he is only playing Wolverine two more times in X-Men: Apocalypse and the final Wolverine stand alone this has left many people to wonder what will happen to the character in the X-Men franchise. There has been a lot of controversy with many fans about who should become the new Wolverine, but it has become crazy to think of anyone else playing the role other than Hugh Jackman. 

Now what’s even crazier is an idea I have about Wolverine being finished with on screen performances, and retire the character as a whole. Basically what I'm saying is no more Wolverine in the X-Men movies! 

It’s crazy I know, but think about it! Who else can take up the mantle of what Hugh Jackman has done with this character? And a lot of people have named potential actors to take his place, but in the end Jackman has become the Wolverine and whoever takes up the mantle would have a lot to live up too. With that being said my idea to replace Wolverine is with none other than… X-23

Yes, X-23 the clone daughter of Wolverine who was created by scientists to recreate the Weapon X project which left X-23 raised in harsh and brutal conditions. 

In Days of Futures Past there is a conversation between Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast and Wolverine about if he was a parent and Wolverine said “I hope not”, but now looking back at this tiny breadcrumb this could be the door to introduce X-23 in the new franchise. With the younger cast for X-Men: Apocalypse, X-23 could take over the reins as the new Wolverine like character with her somewhat having the same personality traits as Logan. 

Now with the age of X-23 FOX Studios could have her either as a young teen or in her late teens to match up with the new cast of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Jubilee, and Nightcrawler for future X-Men movies with them in the future. With X-23 being introduced this would let FOX take a new direction with X-Men with the younger cast of characters being led by Cyclops in the new series.  

In the final Wolverine, FOX could have a showdown between father and daughter that maybe caused by the events of X-Men: Apocalypse or have these characters team together in where they fight side by side in what I personally hope to be an Old Man Logan adaptation.  

Either way Logan/Wolverine will be exiting very soon, but it’s certain that the character will remain gone for awhile. With that being there are multiple female heroines in today’s day and age; FOX Studios should definitely take a gamble on the character of X-23 to the fill spot of Wolverine until enough time has passed to bring the character back with a new actor.