Fantasy Drafting: Matthew McConaughey In The MCU!?!

Fantasy Drafting 
Matthew McConaughey in the MCU!?!

By Jake Buchanan


Since rumors of actor Matthew McConaughey started surfacing of him possibly playing the new incarnation of Norman Osborn for Marvel/SONY’s new Spider-Man universe has led people to believe that McConaughey is actually in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now!  Everyone just seemed to forget that this is all just rumors and more importantly that McConaughey still hasn’t decided on which property to go with between DC and Marvel. 

Now just like all these possible rumors of McConaughey being in the MCU, there are the Top 5 choices of characters on which I’ve thought of that McConaughey should play in the MCU.        
Norman Osborn would be a very interesting role for McConaughey not just because everyone is saying that he will be, but it would be the unique development over the course of the four years in High School that we will follow Peter Parker through that we will also witness the evolution of Osborn into Goblin which no doubt McConaughey can do.  Also one of the biggest factors is that we can watch not only the evolution of both Spider-Man and Goblin on their own, but also their relationship as Peter Parker and Norman Osborn as a potential father/son relationship since Peter doesn’t have many male role models in his life.   

Adam Warlock is best known for Guardians of the Galaxy with the cocoon that’s seen in the background at the Collector’s place of business, and with rumors of Marvel Studio’s turning the character into Starlord’s father instead of an A.I. person who was built by a group of scientists to help them take over Earth.  This character would be very interesting to see McConaughey take on if Marvel Studios does decide to go the route of making Adam Warlock Starlord’s father.  Just picture the on screen dynamic of Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey verbally going back and forth with one another which I think would be very awesome to see.     

Carnage whose real name is Cletus Kasady is a another classic character that’s never been done on the big screen before, and if Marvel and SONY want to throw a curveball then they should cast Matthew McConaughey as this psychopathic killer in the new Spider-Man universe. If there’s something I can’t stand it’s when an actor is constantly playing the “good guy” roles in every movie I see them in, and McConaughey is definitely starting to fall into that category which is why I would love to see him become perhaps the “Joker” of this new branch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Marvel and SONY using McConaughey as Carnage is a long shot, but it would make the first appearance of this character on the big screen more impactful and hopefully these two studios can find longevity in this villain not automatically killing him off as they usually do in their movies.   

Kraven the Hunter who has also never been done on the big screen before is one of Spider-Man’s biggest rivals, and he is a formidable foe to the wall crawler.  At one point to prove he’s the greatest hunter in the world Kraven sets out to hunt down Spider-Man due to him being the biggest challenge he’s ever faced.  If rumors are true and Spider-Man does show up in Captain America: Civil War than in the first Marvel/SONY Spider-Man film the villain could be Kraven hunting down Spider-Man for either being sent after him or for being his biggest hunt yet.  McConaughey has a similar look to Kraven the Hunter and I believe much like with Carnage, McConaughey playing this character will be more eventful for viewers who haven’t heard of Kraven before.  

J. Jonah Jameson is without a doubt a critical role in the Spider-Man franchise especially after what J.K. Simmons did with the role back in the Toby McGuire/Spider-Man era, and I think Matthew McConaughey could be the new Jameson for this new Spider-Man Universe.  If the new Peter Parker is going to be a freshman in high school in the first movie then shouldn’t the new J. Jonah Jameson be young too?   In the Marvel Cinematic Universe this version of Jameson could have just recently became the head of the Daily Bugle, and over the course of the new Spider-Man universe we’ll see that further evolution of young Jameson into the old Jameson that audiences know him as.  With Jameson being a critical but smaller role in Spider-Man’s story he’s not there all the time which allows McConaughey to go in and get his scenes done, but more importantly he’ll be around longer than anyone would expect in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.     

Do you agree or disagree with my Top 5 choices for who I think Matthew McConaughey should play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Remember all this is based on the possibility of McConaughey joining the MCU.