Kevin Smith To Direct An Episode Of 'The Flash'

By Matt O'Bryant

Earlier today The CW announced at the Television Critics Association that Clerks director Kevin Smith will get a chance to finally direct a superhero property. While he is not getting to direct a Superhero movie, he is however getting to try his hands at directing an episode of The Flash this coming season. As many of you know Kevin Smith is one of the biggest comic book fans alive and has even helmed several screenplays for big budget comic book movies that have never really made it to the big screen. So this will be very interesting to see what Kevin Smith can do with a single episode of the hit television show The Flash. No word yet on which episode it is that Smith will be directing, we do know that it will air in May, close to the season finale. No episode number or airdate was revealed at TCA.

Maybe after Smith takes on this little project on, we could see him stepping up to the big boy plate and directing a big-screen DC extended universe property. So what do you guys and gals think, sound off in the comments below and let us know how you feel about Smith getting to direct an episode of The Flash.

SOURCE: Television Critics Association via