Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine Cameos For 'Deadpool' & 'X-men: Apocalypse'

By Matt O'Bryant

What's up guys and gals,

It appears we are getting a little bit of news from Hugh Jackman himself concerning his involvement with the Deadpool film and X-Men: Apocalypse!

Coming from an article by our good friends at Collider, who had some early insights on an interview where Hugh Jackman, where he spoke about his involvement on the films with the Huffington Post.

When talking about whether or not he would be making a cameo in the Deadpool film Jackman being slick as always had this to say:

Hmmm, I can’t … no. Nope. But, I am really good mates with [Reynolds] so …
— Huffington Post

According to Collider it appears in the interview that the Huffington Post goes into more detail saying that "Jackman did mumble under his breath and gave a sweet smile about the whole thing."

Also according to Collider, in the same interview by Huffington Post Hugh Jackman was asked about his involvement in X-Men: Apocalypse which has not been confirmed but we all kind of assume he is going to be in the film Jackman was quoted as say "Who Knows" with another little smirk!  But he was very excited about talking about getting ready for his final chapter in The Wolverine trilogy and said this:

Weirdly, I’m really excited about shooting it. I feel great enthusiasm. I suppose it’s denial — like the football player who announces their retirement before their last season — and so I’m really looking forward to it. But, I know its not over yet! I still got a lot of 4 o’clock mornings and a hell of a lot of egg white omelettes and steamed chicken to have, and all of that.
— Huffington Post

Also According to Collider in his interview with the Huffington Post Jackman also goes on to talk a good bit about how playing the character Wolverine has hurt and helped his career:

There was a period about six years ago when I could see my choices being narrowed by Wolverine, but now I feel like they’ve opened up from doing Les Mis or Prisoners or Pan. The options coming to me right now are more varied than they’ve ever been in my life,” he added of what’s to come. “Hopefully, I’m not that actor in 10 years who’s unemployed going, ‘Why did I ever leave it?’ and then begging to come back.
— Huffington Post

So that was pretty cool right?  let us know what you guys and gals think about the lil bits from the interview below in the comments section?  Is Hugh Jackman gonna appear in all three of these film?  Do you want him to?  How long should he continue as Wolverine?