Editorial: How Many Times Will Hugh Jackman Play Wolverine Before His Last Time!?!


By Matt O'Bryant 

What's up guys and gals,  

A week or so ago Hugh Jackman teased his fans across the world with another cool photo on twitter along with a question this time. 

Check it out below:

Now we know Hugh Jackman has already confirmed that the Wolverine 3 will in fact be his last time playing the Wolverine on the big screen, but that film doesn't hit theaters until 2017.

There are two big questions that fans are wanting to know, myself included.  The first being will Wolverine 3 use the classic Old Man Logan story line from the comics for his final wolverine appearance?  In case you are not about the Old Man Logan storyline, checkout the short synopsis below.

Here is a short synopsis for the original Old Man Logan comic book series.

 By Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven, the Old Man Logan arc ran for eight issues from 2008 to 2009. It unfolds in a dystopian future where supervillains run the world, and nearly all of the superheroes have been wiped out.

Logan has long since given up the Wolverine persona, following a traumatic event. Nowadays he leads a simpler life with his wife and kids. In need of money to pay his rent, he accepts a job helping the now-blind Hawkeye deliver a mysterious package across the country.

Of course because of character rights issues Hawkeye has no possibility of being in this film, he is owned by Marvel studios. That aside, Old Man Logan could potentially be a great conclusion for Jackman allowing him to bring the character to a natural endpoint, and could make use of the fact that Jackman himself has aged over that time even if his character barely has.  Plus, the futuristic setting of the Old Man Logan storyline would allow for Wolverine 3 to stand on its own without really having to align itself with the new connected cinematic universe that Fox is planning with all of their other Marvel movies.


The second big question everyone is will Hugh Jackman make an appearance as Wolverine in two or possibly three more X-Men films all to be released next year, before the third Wolverine hits theaters in 2017?

The first film he could possibly show up in with a small cameo role would be Ryan Reynolds' highly anticipated upcoming Deadpool movie.  This would be Jackman and Reynolds second time pairing up in an X-men film.  The first was the much reviled X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Needless to say one of the best parts of that film was the first half, with the back and forth between Jackman & Reynolds' characters before they sewed Deadpool's mouth shut. Having Jackman cameo in this already super hyped film would be icing on the cake for any X-Men fan.

The second and most likely film Jackman's Wolverine could show up in is Bryan Singer's follow up to the mega hit X-Men: Days of Futures Past with X-Men: Apocalypse, due out May 2016.  This would make the most sense for Jackman, because the film centers around the main storyline of the X-Men which Jackman's Wolverine character has been involved with since the first X-Men film came out over 15 years ago, he even had an all time classic cameo in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class.

Finally the third possible film, but probably the most beneficial for any of these films to have Jackman's Wolverine show up in would be Channing Tatum's GAMBIT film. The upcoming Gambit film will be another spinoff X-Men film much like Deadpool, the film will center around the title character Gambit played by Channing Tatum.  


The Gambit character while long considered one of the coolest and most popular X-men out there, may not be that well known to mainstream movie going audiences.  Plus since we now know this film is coming to us with a huge production budget of $150 million compared to that of Deadpool's buget which is less than half of that, the studio is taking a huge gamble on Gambit.  This is where Jackman's star power could help out the film's chances of success. Wolverine would not have to play a main role within the central story of the film, but could play a vital role to the film's chances of success. Having Wolverine around in the film doing something badass to help Gambit out during a pivotal point within the film, would add to the overal publicity and hype surrounding the project. The role of course would have to be slightly larger than a cameo role, to help sell the film to a larger audience.

As of now, all we know for sure is that Hugh Jackman's last time putting on the claws will be the untitled The Wolverine 3 which will hit theaters on March 3rd, 2017.

So how about you guys?  Do you want to see the Old Man Logan story line in his final film appearance as Wolverine?

Also do you think Hugh Jackman will actually cameo in the three X-Men films set for release next year?

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SOURCE: Hugh Jackman, Twitter