COOL RUMOR: Chris Pine Secretly Cast As The New Green Lantern!!?!

By Matt O'Bryant

What's up guys and gals,

I've got a very cool rumor for you!  

Chris Pine has been secretly cast as The New Green Lantern!!

First reported by Latino-Review and then followed up on by our good friends over at Heroic Hollywood here is their report:

Following news that the Green Lantern reboot will focus on more than two of the Green Lantern Corps, a new report by Latino Review reveals that WB is planning to introduce the actor who will play the Emerald Knight together with the entire Justice League cast on SDCC next month!

As to who might be playing Hal Jordan, the site reveals that Chris Pine (who was previously reported to be up for the role of Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor) is the one who will bring the character back to life, after WB’s failed attempt back in 2011.
— HeroicHollywood

Hells Yea Now that would be an awesome swerve for fans!  Fake casting Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and then revealing him to be The New Green Lantern!

There is also some little reports coming out that since there is going to be two or more green lanterns in this film we could see this guy show ups as John Stewart:

I HOPE NOT!!  I mean I like Tyrese Gibson in some things just, I just can't take the guys seriously enough!

Its to bad WB messed up so bad with Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern, I almost feel like no one will ever trust this character again!  Hopefully they can correct their mistakes and give this character some legitimacy again!

Leave your thoughts on Chris Pine possibly being the new Green Lantern below!