Editorial: The Batman's 20 Year Run!! Why DC Stand-Alone Films Should Be Prequels!!

The Batman’s 20 Year Run!

Why DC Stand Alone Films should be Prequels. 

By Jake Buchanan 

“Twenty years in Gotham… how many good guys are left? How many stay that way?”-Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

With the knowledge of  Batman being around in Gotham for 20 years, and statements saying that he is the reason why members of the Suicide Squad are in prison it only makes sense that DC/Warner Brothers should set these single character films in the past. In addition to telling the stories of how Batman has gone up against these villains DC could also use prequels to explain and lead up to the “Death in the Family”. This is the story that involves the Robin suit, which was shown in the Batman V. Superman trailer for mainstream audiences that don’t know what happened to Robin all those years ago. 

Batman is one of DC’s biggest names and maybe overall main attractions, but this Bruce Wayne is older and appears to be somewhat the coldest that we’ve ever seen before in a live action version of the character. The journey to this cold aged Batman from starting off as the “World’s Greatest Detective” who would later evolve into the brute force driven man that appears in the Batman V. Superman Trailer is the perfect story to tell in this new incarnation as a prequel series.   The audience can witness Batman’s descent into cold bitter darkness which he appears to be in the Batman V. Superman trailer.  

One of the questions people ask when it comes to Marvel films is “Why don’t they just call an Avenger or SHIELD to come and help them out?” If DC/Warner Brothers does decide to go the prequel route with these solo films this will cover the biggest question of WHY none of the Justice League are coming to that particular hero’s aid.

Most likely the studio will cover these characters history in flashback moments throughout their films to explain stories that involved the character. DC/Warner Brothers has the chance at reimagining the way comic book films are connected by setting these films as prequels which will eventually lead up to the events of Man of Steel.

Wonder Woman’s first solo film has been confirmed to be set in the 1920’s which indicates that Diana is somewhat immortal, but this only furthers the idea of setting these films in the past so audiences can gain a better understanding of the overall characters. This would allow the directors, writers, and casts not to be tied down due to the ongoing stories of Man of Steel & Justice League set in the present day.

Man of Steel & Justice League films should continue moving forward in present day, because this will further Man of Steel & Justice League films by having an entirely separate story line than the prequel films. With the use of these prequel films DC/Warner Brothers could take bits and pieces of what audiences learned from character prequels, and end up using that information in present day DC films. While using information from character prequels in either Man of Steel or Justice League the audience wouldn’t be blindsided and confused where the information came from that’s being tied into these two films based in modern day.  The audience can go back to which ever character prequel knowledge DC/Warner Brothers is recalling for that modern day set film and understand the relevance of that tie in without any confusion. 

Reasons why Man of Steel and Justice League should be set in modern day is that DC/Warner Brothers are looking to both these franchises to be their catalysis to further the newly constructed DC cinematic universe for many years to come. If DC/Warner Brothers wants to be daring by introducing the “Multiverse Theory” into their films  this could possibly create new franchises, interactions with their television properties, create numerous sequels, spinoffs, and crossovers not only into different film genres but also universes.  

If The Flash and Aquaman are indeed making cameos in Batman V. Superman their prequel films could lead into their cameos in Batman V. Superman. With Green Lantern eventually coming down the line his prequel series can be based upon his journeys throughout space ending with his first appearance with the other Justice League members. This would further the reason on why these prequel films would be the BEST idea for these characters. 
Audiences could follow The Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman’s journeys on how their roles came to be in modern day DC. Throughout these films numerous DC characters can be introduced than later show up in future films with audiences knowing who they are, what side they’re on, and what their intentions are in the present day DC world. 

Granted prequels haven’t worked out well for other franchises in the past. They are somewhat looked down on by some critics.  Also, the fact that these films could be set in the past might call the continuity into question. These problems could be easily fixed or avoided with DC/Warner Brothers learning from what hasn’t worked in past prequels.  This would be their guidelines on what to avoid, and an easy continuity fix could be placing a “Date & Location” subtitle in the opening scenes of each prequel related film.  

DC Comics has created countless characters and told numerous stories since their first publication in 1934.  If Warner Brothers should set character films in the past than they need to stay focused on forming their universe in their own way without any hesitation. DC Comics & Warner Brothers Entertainment combined have the ability to form an actual cinematic universe that knows no bounds, and possibly never be ending with the rich history of stories and characters at both parties disposal. 

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